Everywhere is full travesti

Everywhere is full travesti

Again….!!! Everywhere is full of the word ”travesti”

these days ı keep see that people are trying to cheat google with the word travesti.. And with very cunning technics that someone responsible needs to stop them… Beacause, I am not sure but ı believe that’s where google is faible to make a sensible apart… so that it brings irrelevant websites at the top in rankings So what are they doing? They are foisting the word ”travesti” into the irrilevant subjecst copied from other websites… and you know what is worse? they are doing it automatically… 

with hundreds of copied and scheduled posts, tucked in with the words travesti.. well ı have to congratulate them cause they are doing and succeding in ranking … but then this is not fair.. Because I.. as a real travesti and challenging in life writing a lot of blog in my blogsites.. but few people can reach them because of google… so my blogs not becoming precious enough in the sight of google!! why? beacuse somebody is posting everyday with the word travesti in it (tucked in words ı mean ) And ı am not blogging everyday so google thinks those frankenstein websites are doing better with the word travesti.. 
thats all folks 🙂 So, do they think ı will stop? 🙂 No way! So that would you please click those links to help my blogs reach to target and real audiences best regards and thank you travesti arkadaş is a real travesti and LGBT dating blog

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