I feel travesti but they feel Gay

I feel travesti but they feel Gay

I feel travesti but they feel Gay

while surfing I have just come up with this very faggy video 🙂 oh god… I am feeling travesti… u know ? ı feel really travesti but not gay… by the way the word travesti means shemale.. But in this part of the world people choose using travesti but not shemale.. any way… have fun with the video… Try to jump to 03min15th second .. thats a man to man pronounced marriage so fun 🙂

By the way Here you’ll find some of our other travesti blogs with the cities if you are in the Marmara region of Turkey and if u like to find istanbul travesti models you may click on this links: istanbul travesti or this one… istanbul travesti 

if you are in the east mediterranean region you may find these two cities in that part of the world: two different blogs mersin travesti or  linking the search term in our website #mersintravesti or adana travesti.

if you are in the eagean region, then we have three different blogs to offer in that part of the world these are: izmir travesti (if you are in this website you may click the ”izmir travesti” on the menu bar at the top! bodrum travesti marmaris travesti by the way if you like to watch the video of the featured picture… there you go… it’s also a very gay video that doesnt contain the notion travesti at all 🙂 


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